Lake Eppalock DSLR Camera Wide Field Shots

Flight of the Emu.  30 Sec frame. Plane flew across frame. Canon 350D 11-16mm WA lens.

Stack of a few 30 second frames somewhere of the Milky Way in Scorpius.  Tracked with Vixen Polaire. Canon 350D and 50 -200 zoom lens. Post Processed in Nebulosity.

Northern Horizon Star Trail. 17 min exp. Canon 300D. Post processed in Nebulosity

South Western Star Trail.  17 min exp. Canon 300D

South Eastern Star Trail. 17 Min Exp. Canon 300D

Eta Carinae.  A number of 30 second exposures stacked. Canon 350D. 50-200mm zoom lens on Vixen Polaire.

The Emu once again.  A series of 30 second exposures stacked in Nebulosity.  Tracked on Vixen Polaire.

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