14th October AstroPhoMo (Astro Photo Month)

Backyard time lapse sequence taken in my backyard at Blackstone Heights in Tasmania.  Not sure but there might be just a hint of an aurora in the left hand corner of the image nearer to the end of the sequence.  Also near the end a fairly bright object most likely a plane.

The main features astronomically speaking is Scorpius front and center with the Milky Way spread across the field of view.

It was a challenge setting the exposures etc. for this day to night sequence to get a consistent dimming across the frames but I manged to somewhat achieve this by letting the camera initially dictate the length of exposure and then once this was approaching 15 seconds I switched to full manual control during the darker end of twilight and then ramping the exposure times up to 30 seconds once the full darkness had set in.  In the end any marked variance in the shots I post processed out as much as possible adjusting the light curves in each shot to compensate for the varying sensitivity of the camera.


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