5th October 2012 AstroPhoMo (Astro Photo Month)

Unfortunately my auto-guiding and PC aided image capture has gone to the dogs so despite bringing out the big gun tonight, i.e the Canon 350D I has to restrict myself to short exposures.
following is the Large Magellanic Cloud and Tarantula Nebula.  This made from a stack of 5x5 second exposures  and of course unguided.
If it weren't for my month long commitment I might have thrown in the towel with the auto-guiding not working but its interesting how a deadline changes your attitude to at least have a go and get something imaged and posted..

And by sheer dumb luck I managed to snap three 30 second shots of the lagoon.  What a difference more exposure can make.

Adjusted the hue here to a more yellowy colour.
All pre and post processing done in Nebulosity.

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