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A Clear Night at Clarendon 5th October 2013

Centaurus A and Omega Centauri Friday 28th June 2013

Latest Night Sky Shots including 1st June 2013 Aurora and passing Train.

16th April Galaxy NGC 4945 and Surrounding Star Field

Eta Carinae NGC 3372 11th April 2013

Jupiter and the Moon from February 18th 2013

April 12th 2013 Cloudy Night Sky and Star Trails

Eta Carinae

Devonport, Tasmania Timelapse and Stills 9th April 2013

Time-lapse sequence taken at York Creek Observatory Georgetown Tasmania 6th April 2013

Image of the Seagull Nebula IC2177 5th April 2013

Stills and Time-lapse sequence 28th/29th March 2013 Georgetown, Tasmania