Latest Night Sky Shots including 1st June 2013 Aurora and passing Train.

Southern Aurora from Clarendon House Tasmania
Canon 1100D, 6400 iso, 30 Seconds, Tokina 11-16mm Wide Angle Lens at F3.5

This shot I took when the curtaining  effect became very prominent for just about a minute of so. Large and Small Magellanic clouds top centre.

This shot includes the portion of the Milky Way referred to as the Emu.

This shot includes our observing party for the evening in the foreground.

This shot includes the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds

Milky Way and Telegraph Pole

            Night Sky Shots 2nd of June 2013 at train crossing near Clarendon House
                              Canon 1100D, 6400 iso, 30 Seconds, Canon 18-55mm EF lens at F4.5

Tree and Sagittarius Star Cloud

Star Trail and Headlight Trail

Star Trail and Tree

Star Trail and Power Lines

Passing Train!

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