Hello Stranger what's been happening the last 6 months!

 The core of Andromeda M31.  LX90 and Canon 30D November 2013
 Eta Carina NGC3372 March 2014 LX90 and Canon 30D
 The area around Alnitak in Orion including Horsehead and Flame Nebulae December 2013 ED80 and Canon 350D
 The Horsehead November 2013 LX90 and Canon 30D
 Running Man and Orion Nebulae,  December 2013, ED80 and Canon 350D

 Rosette Nebula April 2014 ED80 and Canon350D
Tarantula Nebulae November 2013 LX90 and Canon 30D

And last but not least cloudy solar discs!  April 2014 WO 70mm Refractor and Canon 1100D.

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