Tarantula Nebula NGC2070 and surrounding nebulosity

Took this with a Canon 450D and SWED80 Refractor.  Initial Post Procesing including stacking, stretching, curves and noise reduction in Nebulosity and adjusted levels, curves, hue and saturation in Photoshop.  Consists of 7 x 180 second raw frames, I took 10 in total and discarded three where the tracking/autoguiding was off.   Autoguided with anothe ED80 and Meade DSI 2 Monochrome camera using PHD(Push Here Dummy) Software.

The Tarantula Nebula is in the Large Magellanic Cloud 160,000 light years away outside our own Milky Way Galaxy.   The Tarantula itself is almost 2000 light years across.  That's a cloud big enough to encapsulate from our solar system to the Orion Nebula and them some.

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