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Eta Carinae(Key Hole) Nebula 22nd December Wide Field Mosaic

Clarenden 3rd December 2016

Waddamana, Tasmania, 25th 26th November 2016

NGC6193/6188 taken 28th October 2016

NGC6193/6188 taken 28th October 2016

NGC 6193/6188 taken 26th October 2016

47 Tucanae, The Sculptor Galaxy and NGC288 and the Tarantula!

The Southern End of the Milky Way Rising early morning 12th September 2016 Stills and Timelapse

Timelapse 7th September 2016

Timelapse 6th September 2016

Clarendon Aurora Saturday 3rd September Timelapse

Sagittarius Friday 2nd September 2016

Saturn, Lagoon and Trifid Nebulae 22nd August 2016

Ben Lomond Star Night February 6th 2016