Clarenden 3rd December 2016

Took these shots with a Canon 760D  with a Vixen Polaire tracking the sky.   Generally each astrophoto is 10 x 1 minute exposures then combined with some processing in Nebulosity and then a few final tweeks in Photoshop.

Crab Nebula and nearby Star Cluster

Southern Cross.

Southern Cross and the dark Coalsack Nebula.

The Hyades with the red giant star Aldabaran in Taurus,

The 'Iron Pot' of Orion featuring the great orion nebula top centre right and the Horsehead and Star burst nebulae bottom centre right.

The Small Magellanic Cloud with two Globular clusters, 47 Tucanae centre right and the smaller NGC362 just above left of centre.

Below is the Constellation of Carina featuring the massive Eta Carinae 'Keyhole' nebula and surounding star clusters.  The faint red nebula just rigt of and above centre is part of the fainter  Running Chicken Nebula.

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