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NGC's 253

Pavo Globular Galaxay and LMC NGC 1968

NGC2070 2 Fields of View

NGC104 19th Sept 2017

NGC253 Sculptor Galaxy 23rd August 2017

Blanco1 Open Star Cluster

4 Star Clusters in Scorpius

Globular and Open Star Clusters and a Nebula

Three Different Catalogues, Three Faint Open Clusters

Far Off Globular Clusters M69 and NGC6652 and Bright Nearby Foreground Stars

HR6188, NGC 6193, NGC 6167 and HD149835

NGC 6231 and IC4628 Plus Zeta 1 and 2 Scorpii

Two Faint Star Clusters in Saggitarius

Single 10 Minute Shot of Swan Nebula 15th July 2017

Star Clusters in Scorpius 15th July 2017

Sagittarius Star Cloud M24 2nd July 2017

M17 The Eagle Nebula

Galaxies in Coma Berenices 29th June 2017

M17, Trifid and Lagoon Nebulae 26th June 2017

Moonshine and Earthshine Monday 26th June 2017 Day 2 Lunar Phase

NGC2516 Bright Open Star Cluster in Carina

NGC3114 Open Star Cluster Carina

Nebulosity in Carina (in the vicinity of NGC3572 and NGC3532)

Regulus Moon Occultation 4th May 2017

A Carnival Of Monsters In Carina

Transition From Light to Dark

The Astrophotographers and the Sky!

Night Sky LMDSS Heathcote Victoria

Rosette Nebula and M78 from Heathcote in Victoria