Regulus Moon Occultation 4th May 2017

On Thursday the 4th May 2017 approximately between 8.19 pm and 9.19pm the bright star Regulus in Leo was occulted(passed in front of) by the moon.  As the moon was is a waxing gibbous phase the initial egress behind the darkened eastern limb of the moon was much easier to detect despite the cloudy conditions at the time.  The clouds thankfully cleared for egress but the bright western limb made it harder to spot with the relative glare of the illuminated portion of the moon.  Imaging was carried out with a 70mm Zenith Star William Optics Refractor, Canon 760d dslr on a motorised Eq2 mount.  A basic but quick and handy grab and go setup!
Just before Ingress (Cloudy!!)
Just after egress(Not so cloudy!!)

Shorter exposure for lunar detail.  Regulus just visible!

Telescope Gear

Picture of Canon LCD screen

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