Globular and Open Star Clusters and a Nebula

Globular Cluster  NGC 6397 7500 light years distant, Bright star(bottom left) Pi Arae146 light years distant.
 Tarantula Nebula NGC2070 160,000 light years distant in Large Magellanic Cloud outside Milky Way.
Open Star  Cluster (Bottom Left) IC4651, 2900 light years distant, Small Globular Cluster  NGC6352(bottom Right)  18000 light years distant, Bright Star Alpha Arae (Top Left) 267 light years distant.
Globular (Caccciatore)Cluster NGC6541 24000, light years distant.  Three bright stars nearby to the right are all within 1000 light years distant.  Brightest is HIP 88726A (double star) and Small Red Star below and centre is V712 CrA is a pulsating variable star.

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