Various objects in and around Scorpius and Sagittarius.

 Barnards Galaxy NGC 6822 1.5 million LY distant. Bright Stars(bottom left) HIP 97063 (bottom right and red) HIP 97013 Little Gem Planetary Nebula(Blue) just above HIP 97013 slightly more right.
NGC6723(Globular Cluster) and 6726 and 6727(Reflection Nebulae in bottom centre  collectively forming NGC6729) ans V686CRA (bright [rotating variable] star top right) and EpsCRA (bright star[eclipsing binary system] just above centre) and small red star is HIP 93125 et. al.
Rho Ophiucus Nebula IC 4604 (Middle) and the Bipolar Nebula IC 4603 (Left)
Top Centre NGC6256 Globu;ar Cluster and comet 71P
Trifid Nebula (M20 NGC6514)  Open Star Cluster "Webbs Cross" adjacent right and above (M21 NGC 6531)
M22 Globular (Great Sagittarius (Crackerjack) Cluster)  NGC 6656  approx 9800 ly distant
NGC 7293 Helix (Planetary) Nebula
Globular Cluster M55  approx 17600 distant
(Flickering) Globular Cluster M62  approx 22000 ly distant.
Globular Clusters   NGC6304 (Bottom Left) and NGC6316 (Top Right).  Blue Star Bottom Right is  Mag 6.1 HIP84175 et. al.

    Cr367 ( Nebulous HII region centre to right top)                         11 Sgr    Star                                   
            NGC6544_(Star Fish Cluster)              (top of Lagoon Neb)                                NGC6546         
Globular Clusters NGC 6652 (top left)        M69 or NGC 6637 (bottom right) approx 30000 ly distant.                             

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