Full Lunar Eclipse 31st Jan / 1st Feb 2018

A wonderful clear night in an otherwise stormy and tempestuous week weather wise greeted us for the viewing and imaging of a full lunar eclipse.    The eclipse was purported to be a trifecta of a Supermoon (Moon at it's closet pass to Earth or Apogee), a Blood Moon (Full Lunar Eclipse) and a Blue Moon (2nd Full Moon in same calendar month).  However due to the adjusted daylight savings hours the full moon actually occurred in the first hour of the 1st of February at our location in Launceston Tasmania.  I am prepared to say that this adjustment is of no consequence and happy to let the trifecta be.

Images taken with a William Optics ZS70 Refractor Telescope and Canon 760D Camera.  I setup with the Northern Valleys Astronomy Group at Bruce Nye's Eagle Rock Observatory at Riverside on the outskirts of Launceston in Tasmania.  Other images from the night are here.

Totality and background stars!

Faint star near the limb of the moon.

Eclipse Sequence in visible white light.


Eclipse sequence in Red (reflected light from Earth)

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